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MULTIPLE Freedom of Information Requests of Las Cruces Public Schools filed in 2021, list is to the right.  There were many information requests submitted in 2021 and 2022, and they will continue until LCPS jettisons the civil rights violations of their social justice pedagogy.  

Below are the Comments to the LCPS District wide Equity Survey, April 2021 (Item 2 on the Freedom of Info list).  The Comments are important and insightful because respondents could reveal their true opinion on "Equity" issues, because their identities were kept anonymous.  

Freedom of information requests of Las Cruces Public Schools in 2021!  Information's hard to get!


1.  January 2021, Request for "Cultural proficiency and Ethnic Studies Curriculum".  Response, paraphrased:  It's not a curriculum, it's a pedagogy.  Say what?

2.  April 2021, Request for Comments from the District Equity Survey.  Comments Received July 2021.  These were the anonymous comments made by respondents at the end of the survey, which make them more believable.  We submitted the Freedom request because we wanted to be able to see more than an Executive summary of the tabulated answers.  

3.  May 2021, Request for "Cultural and Linguistically Responsive" Curriculum.  Response, paraphrased:  It's not a curriculum, it's a pedagogy.  Say what?  Again!

4.  May 2021, Request for cost of District Equity Survey conducted in April 2021.  LCPS responded with $75K.  

5.  July 2021, Request for the 6 Pioneer Schools for Culturally and Linguistically Responsive (CLR) Education in 2020-2021.

Response:  The 6 LCPS schools identified as pioneer schools for the 2020-2021 school year are:  

  1. Organ Mountain High School

  2. Zia Middle School

  3. Sierra Middle School

  4. Alameda Elementary

  5. Sunrise Elementary

  6. Valley View Elementary

   Were any Parents notified of this new pedagogy which "sees" race, talks white "privilege" and which normalizes Socialism concepts (In LCPS now, Group identity is as important as individual identity).   

LCPS is still in the planning phases for next year (2021-2022) for CLR Pioneer schools.  We are unable to answer the second part to your question at this time.

6.  Equity Council Contract Support Costs for FY2020:  $7798.50 for Sep 15 2020 thru June 06, 2021.

7.  Request for Social Studies Book List for LCPS, received excel spreadsheet with list on July 14, 2021.  The list does not look "suspect" for critical race theory divisiveness, at first glance.

All Comments from the District wide Equity Survey conducted by LCPS in April 2021 are in the file below.  Parents, students and teachers were surveyed.  Click here: 






Actual Comment From Equity Survey respondent:  "The schools have no business teaching progressive agendas. Leave sexual orientation and social justice out of my children's schools. Schools should be
teaching our children a balanced curriculum without political agenda. Students can be taught to research both sides and make up their own opinion. Yes
all kids need to feel secure and safe in their school. Respecting various backgrounds and working with different cultures is part of what makes America a
wonderful place to be, but the questions are going so much in the opposite direction."

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